BSI is committed to providing our clients and their employees with the best possible customer experience. We treat every client with care, respect, empathy and a sense of urgency.  Our policy is to return every call and answer every email within 24 hours.

Our high level of service is what sets us apart.



Since we own our own technology system and have our own in-house IT managers our turnaround time and customization is unmatched. We designed the system from the ground up with SCA, Davis Bacon, ATSA, staffing and Taft Hartley employers in mind. We have the ability to create an enrollment that populates and calculates the benefit cost based on average hours worked so the employee can understand their cost vs. the employer’s.


Since the majority of the employees we service are not comfortable working with online platforms, we developed the most simplified system possible while still meeting all ACA and carrier feed requirements.

There is no one size fits all approach to an employer enrollment system. Clients can choose to enroll online, on paper, call in, call out, on site enrollment – or all of these options.  We’ll keep you in compliance with the ACA while helping your employees feel confident that they are getting the service and products they deserve.


  • Collaborate with the employer to assist in benefit plan design
  • Enrollment materials design
  • Custom web site for information before they enroll (a virtual HR portal)
  • Dynamic web portal
  • Call center
  • Online benefit viewer platform so employees can see their benefit dollars allocated real time
  • Compliance audits
  • Retirement plan administration
  • Trust accounting and set up

Online Enrollment Services

We provide a fully customizable web portal for employees to access their benefit information and enroll online. This system is designed for the hourly-based employee and is ACA and carrier compliant. We can design an enrollment plan to include online, call center and paper to meet all your needs.

There is no one size fits all enrollment system.  Our clients can choose to enroll online, on paper, call in, call out, on site enrollment – or all of these options.

Hourly Benefit Bank

This SCAView system auto-fills an hourly benefit bank so the employee can see their estimated out of pocket cost based on their average hours worked – real time.

Fringe Specialized Enrollment

Our custom system has the ability to apply the hourly health and welfare or fringe allocation to the benefits cost. This makes it easier for the employee to understand their benefits and the true cost.

Benefit Confirmations

Each employee will receive confirmation of their elections and their cost after completing enrollment.

Virtual HR

All SPD’s and other related enrollment materials can be added to the system. Why use the portal just for enrollment? Instead, we allow employees to update personal data, communicate with us and the employer, access claim forms and so much more.

Telephone, on paper, and in person enrollment is available.