BSI Companies works in a unique labor environment. Our employers and unions are comprised predominantly of hourly-based employees and members, while the majority of third party benefit administrators work off monthly benefits and monthly premiums. BSI and SCA developed their own proprietary system that works off of an hourly-based eligibility and allocation system, which fits in with our government contract, prevailing wage, ATSA, staffing, retail and labor unions we work with.


Why Hourly

Our system offers the ability to calculate, track, and report premiums on an hourly basis which allows the employer to determine their cost for providing benefits on the number of hours worked instead of the number of employees it takes to fill a job. The ability to accurately allocate the cost is why the employers prefer this system.

The ACA requires employers to offer benefits that have a maximum cost to the employee of 9.4% or less of the employee’s gross salary. The ACA also requires the employer to offer benefits to all employees who work more than 130 hours and are considered full time. If the employer uses a traditional monthly-based system, then the employer can only base their contribution on the lowest paid and lowest number of hours worked by their full time employees. If using an hourly-based system, then the average number of hours worked can be used thus increasing the benefit options while reducing the employer’s obligation.

ACA Compliance

There are two ways to comply with the ACA; either the benefits vary every month based on the hours worked the previous month or the employer may utilize the safe harbor method. BSI Companies can use either method.

Hourly Or Monthly Benefits

Our proprietary system can use the traditional monthly-based benefits that most employers use, but it was designed, however, to use the ACA and Fringe mandated hourly allocation model. We developed our own system to meet the needs of our clients, so we can custom design the reporting and allocation to meet the needs of the employer or labor union.

Web Based

Our online e-system gives the employer and employee the ability to log in at any time to view how their funds were allocated and to pull reports. The SCAView System can be customized to meet your unique needs. Enrollment allocation tracking, ACA reporting, hour banking, fringe compliance, and more all available tools. The system can be customized for each employer and it allows the employer to choose what data the employees can see. We are happy to demo the system for you at any time.

Custom Reporting

We built our proprietary system. We have the ability to create an enrollment solution that populates and calculates the benefit cost based on average hours worked so the employee can understand their cost versus the employers contribution.

Ease of Use

We specifically developed the easiest system possible for employees to use. They can feel confident they have access to all the information they need while not being over whelmed by unnecessary fluff.