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Government Contractors
BSI is an experienced source for niche markets with a focus on Government Contractors.

Workers’ Compensation
We specialize in administering workers’ compensation for self-funded organizations and have a full portfolio of insurance brokerage services.

Taft Hartley
BSI has been administering Taft Hartley plans for 25 plus years. Our team has a keen understanding of the unique needs and regulations that govern labor organizations.

TriangleOur Mission

We’re committed to serving our clients ethically and knowledgeably, while providing excellent customer service.

BSI’s mission is to partner with our clients to design and implement appropriate, responsive and cost-effective insurance solutions that help our clients achieve their goals. While providing claims management, benefit plans and fringe allocation services, we will always:                                                                                                           

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Provide the highest quality customer service for our insurers


Minimize costs to the employers


Provide the best possible bona fide benefits for the available health and welfare funds


Partner with our clients and not just another vendor

Discover a Benefits Plan that Works for You

Every client is unique and so are your requirements.  At BSI we are committed to helping you find a solution that’s right for your employees and your business.

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