Employee Benefits

Group Health Employee Benefits

BSI’s Hewitt Coleman division specializes in the administration of self-funded employers’ health and welfare benefit plans. We offer a sophisticated claims adjudication system, comprehensive cost saving solutions, as well as innovative products & services administered by our experienced staff. With BSI, your employees are our focus. Let us design a plan for you and your team today.


Increasing benefits costs—especially health care costs—are forcing employers to re-evaluate aspects of their benefit plans. Our medical services can reduce administrative costs and provide flexibility in the schedule of benefits.


Dental claim costs rarely vary significantly from year to year. A self-insured dental plan will greatly lower your benefit costs, and the risks are minimal. Employees can choose any dentist, while you protect them from unreasonable premium increases in dental insurance.

Short-term Disability

Employee benefits, production costs, temporary staffing and plan over-utilization can mean major expenses. Our registered nurses will help prevent over-utilization, decrease disability durations, and reduce lost production revenues. Our short-term disability services are available for an entire workforce or on a case by case basis.

Managed Care

Our Total Care Division focuses around our Nurse Case Managers (NCM), all of whom are licensed Registered Nurses. Each NCM is aided by a clinical support system and physician peer review network to maximize the coordination of utilization management, medical management, disability management and return to work.

Strategic Stop-Loss

Structuring Stop Loss Protection is an important tool to help diversify your plan’s risk and minimize your fixed expenditures. An important component of Stop Loss protection that is often overlooked in the competitive pricing of the product is how difficult is it to get the carrier to actually pay a claim. We partner with Stop Loss Markets that understand our ability to manage costs. Our online eligibility, claims editing/fraud detection, and experienced staff enables us to negotiate greater discounts for stop loss protection for our clients.

Pharmacy Management

We work with you or your consultant to choose a Prescription Benefits Manager (PBM) that offers the most cost-effective pharmacy plan without being overly restrictive or inconvenient to use. Your PBM will offer customized programs that allow for the design of a benefits package that accommodates your specific needs and budget.